Calton Cases

Parametric Manufacturing Development

Calton Cases needed a way to easily create a family of custom guitar cases from a single original design that had been made by hand and 3d scanned.


Calton Cases is a custom guitar case company with a long history of producing durable custom cases that are used by top musicians around the world. When the original owner/creator retired, he sold the single mold form for the case to Calton Cases of Austin, TX. The original case molds were 3d scanned to create a 3d point cloud of the original.

Using the 3d point cloud we developed a series of models that would allow Calton to modify, edit, and develop new shapes quickly and affordably through parametric tools and in-house 3-axis milling. This allowed the new Calton Cases to quickly develop new lines of products and to quickly grow from the single original master into are wide family of cases geared towards a much wider audience of instruments.


Finalized surface modeling was done in Rhino and exported as tool paths for 3-axis milling
Final designs are milled from digital files and used for laying up fiberglass forms