Stardust Remodel

Stardust House, Austin, TX

Renovation and Landscaping of mid-century modern home in Austin, TX.


The Stardust remodel was focused on bringing in more light and adding space to the dark 1960's home that had existed. There was a limited budget that prevented any structural changes to the home or facade. As a solution the renovation utilized novel materials with a non-traditional application to allow for more transference of light throughout the living space. Studs were exposed and polycarbonate panels of varying thicknesses were used to create visual distortion as light filters through the central load bearing wall, creating refraction in the wall that brightened the interior space - the effect is one of openness and movement.

Landscaping utilized local materials for ground cover and a modern playscape design to reflect the character of the interior remodel. The use of basalt, limestone and drought tolerant plants we chosen to give an efficient and sustainable solution that limits the need for water and upkeep of a lawn. A cropping of grass was left in the backyard where large pecan trees gave shade, limiting the need for water and allowing a soft spot for the family to relax.


Crushed limestone and basalt was used throughout the front yard with steel edging defining the separation. Large limestone slabs were used for the pathway connecting house to street.
The main living space was brightened and opened up with the use of translucent polycarbonate panels over exposed studs.
The kitchen was completely refurbished with the replacement of counter top, cook op, and wall tile. Cabinetry was completely restored and paired with new hardware that modernized the space along with upgraded appliances.
Chldrens bedrooms were activated by having drawing walls that were painted with a chalk board covering.